A Year of New Challenges & Obstacles to Tackle

Last year I pushed myself to face new challenges and fight against my obstacles. I successfully competed in my first tournament and pushed myself hard enough to get two belt promotions in one year which was a first for me.

This year I have set even more Challenges for myself to Push myself to new levels

Climb MS in March
• End 90-day challenge with my best results yet. Third times a charm!
• Compete in my second Challenge of the Champions in June
• Achieve intermediate level ranking at TSMA.
Bike MS in September
When looking at these goals they seem easily achievable but only with extreme discipline and my body reaching new limits. My biggest obstacle to overcome is going to be finding ways to beat chronic fatigue. Using my new fit planner is going to help me track how my daily habits, diet, and sleep habits. Knowing the impact will help me eliminate obstacles. I am looking for natural ways to increase energy levels overall; the MS fatigue medications are not something I ever want to take with their side effects.

90-Day Challenge

Today marks Day 3 of the 90-day challenge, I am already feeling less bloating and visibly seeing it.  For me, the biggest challenge is getting all of the meals to balance and reach my macro goals of 40/40/20 but I’m off to a great start already. The next step is going to be perfecting my calorie intake to keep up with my activity levels, keeping me feeling energized, as well as helping me achieve my goals.

macronutrients, clean eating, healthy eating
Macronutrients from Day 2

I am not focused on weight or the scale, however, improving overall strength is my priority. I will be focusing on a total body to strengthen my core, arms, and legs to be more successful in martial arts, particularly grappling. But also building stamina so I can rock those two-minute rounds in June, as well as two days of 80 miles of biking in September.
Looking forward to trying out some new Nutrabio supplements to enhance performance and energy levels. I invested in some new kitchen gadgets like a food saver and upgraded my food prep containers to help with meal prepping success. Kitchen gadgets are my secret to meal prepping success!

gadgets, kitchen, meal prep
New Kitchen Gadgets
Plans for Achieving Goals

Today I spent some time coming up with some new food ideas to spice up my meals and make me stay on track long-term. I can’t wait to incorporate them into next week’s meal prep.

gym, fitness, family, workout, leg day, sisters
First time at the gym with my sister

I have added some more regular gym sessions into my regular thanks to my sister starting her own fitness plan.  We are working towards our healthiest year yet. I will be developing more routines for myself to achieve my personal goals and help train for my 2018 events.
Stay tuned for me to share my successful meals and workouts! Feel free to share any awesome meals you may have!

90-Day Challenge, Meal Prep, Healthy Eating, Clean Eating
Day 1 of 90-Day Challenge