A Multitude of Measurements

One thing that is a common battle for many people in their fitness journey is the battle of the scale. I consider the scale to be the devil because it can be so deceitful. It is important any time you start a fitness journey to use a variety of measurements to track progress.

Evil Scale Measurement

My two favorite are measurements and pictures. Measurements can also be tricky if you aren’t taking them precisely at the same spot, and can also be something that goes up in certain areas depending on muscles.
This is why pictures are my top pick. Pictures don’t lie, they allow you to see all changes. You can see where you have shrunk. Where you have toned. Where you have leaned out.
During my three year journey, my body has changed so many times, while my weight after the first 4 months has held pretty consistently. I have gone down in clothing sizes, without changing weight. Now I am going through a transition where all of my clothing is fitting me differently because my body shape is changing.

Fat vs Muscle Measurement
5 lbs of fat in comparison to 5 lbs of muscle

I have been helping one of my friends with her fitness journey and she has been battling the scale more than I did during 90-day challenge. We have been fine combing all of her habits, especially meal choices. She has made many changes, that even without perfection should be yielding celebratory results.
Meanwhile, every time she weighs in she is disheartened and discouraged.
Today she sent her most recent progress pictures. Even with lack luster weight and measurement results the pictures showed vast improvements. (Out of respect for the individual I will not share these pictures until she is ready!)
What are your favorite ways to measure your progress in your fitness/weight loss journies?

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