Back from Vacation

I have fallen off the radar for a few weeks. Giving my body and mind some overdue recovery time was a necessity. I wasn’t anticipating taking so much time away from life and training but my body had other plans for me. Between a sinus/ear infection, and Texas heat from vacation my body was worn out and telling me to relax.
It is nice to keep a balance in life of work and play so this was my little bit of play time. My mom and I had a great vacation exploring San Antonio. I wasn’t completely inactive walking all over the city, even if it included a visit to a cafe for a 3-pound cinnamon bun. While I try to maintain healthy eating, it is still an aspiration of mine to visit as many Food Network finds as possible. Especially spots from Man vs. Food.
This happened to be one those splurges and it was worth every calorie! And a trip to San Antonio wouldn’t be complete without lots of delicious Mexican food and margaritas.

After almost two and a half weeks off from activity, it was nice to return to kickboxing this week. It was great to be on vacation! However, it was more down time than I have had in well over 6 months and I was starting to feel the effects of not working out for that long.
In many of the exercise MS groups that I am in many individuals talk about the importance of never missing a day to keep symptoms away. While my case is not that severe and my workout intensity requires a day off to recover here and there. I was definitely understanding what they were talking about by the end of my time away.
I wasted no time jumping right back in last night, giving myself new challenges.
Prior to the COC, I was intimidated by training with the guys other than on the bag, and even pads I didn’t mind just makes my arms a little extra tired. Anything involving gear and direct contact I avoided.
Since the COC I have made that jump and I’ve learned that I really enjoy it.
Last night I pushed myself further training with our Joshu during full gear. It may have been a little ambitious but it was a great training session, I got to work on some techniques a little more and got to work at a faster speed than I usually do during full gear. I always judge my training sessions by sweat and redness levels and they were both at a nice high last night.

My focus with training is to keep challenging myself with different partners and being able to focus on improving my technique. Fix some of the things I’ve noticed from my videos.
It is also time for me to focus on my strength training and build my upper body strength. I am also starting to work with some friends on helping them with their workouts and coach them as part of practicing as I work on my personal trainer material.
I am getting slightly overwhelmed realizing how little time I have until I need to complete this course work so I have to buckle down and get myself focused. I’ve always worked best under pressure so I will make it happen like I always do.
I am very excited for this venture to help others with their fitness journeys and what new things can be brought into my future.

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