Final Stretch

The final stretch is here, only 3 more days until the big day! After pushing Friday and Saturday morning I took the next couple days off to get some extra rest and let my body recover. The problem with all that resting, it had a negative impact on my sleep schedule.
Working out helps me release all of my daily stresses and extra energy which allows me to sleep more sound. Between my determination on achieving goals at work for this week and the realization of how fast approaching the tournament is I had my body in stress sleeping mode! Last night I ended break time and got in two hours of training, I got quality sleep back in my life.
I also am reminded the importance of proper water intake daily. As soon as I drop below 100 ounces of day I retain water and put on extra weight. It is amazing how much the body fluctuates from just water weight. Yesterday I drank 140 oz of water with same eating habits and dropped 2 lbs from the day before. I am trying to maintain the higher end of my weight class but I have gotten a little too close for comfort.
I constantly encourage people around me to drink enough water, but recognize that actually executing can be a challenge. It requires a commitment throughout the day as well as focus. I find I am most successful when I bring a gallon or 100 oz container with me to work so I can see where I am versus keeping track of the ounces by adding up my number of water bottle refills. Which is exactly what I will be doing to commit myself to drinking my gallon each day to prevent anymore last minute stress. I will stay focused on this habit because it helps with my energy levels, my workout performance, and keeps my skin clear. I joke it is my most successful skin care regimen but it is 100% true.
The hardest part of the next three days is going to be keeping my nerves in check and believing that I can do this. My favorite way to distract myself, keep myself busy with other things! Like spending sometime catching up on things by the pool!

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