Considering New Challenges

I have been taking it pretty easy since COC, mostly just because I have been trying to beat a summer cold since a few days after. I trained a few days last week but now I’m out for two weeks due to life and vacation next week. I have been looking forward to this break just to allow my body some recovery and to focus on things I have been behind on in life.
One of the most important things I need to regain focus on is the personal trainer course work. So next week while I’m away on vacation I will practice my different techniques in the hotel gym and focus on strength training. I want to get stronger to help me with my martial arts training, especially for grappling. I’m also feeling like I have already lost muscle mass in my upper body with just a short break.
There has been a lot of talk about whether or not I will compete in December, I have thought about what I would need to do to prepare to be able to pull it off. November and December are always my worst training months because my work schedule tends to get crazy. Now on top of thinking about that a friend asked me today if I wanted to join her husband’s team for the Bike MS from Shore to City. I had previously gotten the material and considered it because it is great for awareness and raising money for research. However the idea of biking 160 miles has me tired just thinking about it!

As an overachiever who likes to pile more and more on their life plate the question is: How does this affect my other life priorities? Do I have time to even consider this additional training? How is my body going to feel about 160 miles? How do I even prepare for this?
It would be really cool, another great accomplishment to achieve, and another way to keep my body active and healthy.
For now I’m taking my two week break from training thoughts and focusing on relaxing. The best an antsy busy body knows how that is!
If you have ever done an event like this what was your experience and how did you train for it?

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  1. I couldn’t even imagine at this point in my life biking that far. I am not completely out of shape, but I could definitely be more active. Maybe time to get started?

  2. Wow…good for you! Do it! Challenge your body and mind and see what you are really capable of. I admire your drive! Set a goal and a limit and this could be something that you prepare your body and mind for long term. Good luck!

  3. I don’t even remember the last time I rode bikes. ? I do , however, remember what it’s like to train for martial arts and a match (mine was just a smoker tho). I say focus on your training and what makes you better – don’t do anything that overtire or injure your body. Good luck and enjoy your time off!

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