Overcoming Hesitations

Since tomorrow marks one week until show time, last night was my last opportunity to get some extra training and sparring in. I did my first late night Friday training session after training in my two normal intermediate classes. It was great to get the extra time in but extremely exhausting.
However I used the night to overcome one more step in my training, sparring with guys. To date I have only sparred with my female peers. However last night there were only two of us and it was an important night for me so I overcame that hesitation. I started with one of the guys that is newer to sparring like myself to get a better feel for what it is like to spar with a beginner since all the ladies are more advanced than me!
Once I made the initial jump everybody got excited and eager to train with me for a round. It was a great experience because they were gentle but pushed me. Encouraging me the whole time and helping guide me to work on different areas I lack in, especially kicks. I definitely lost steam at the end which is going to be the biggest obstacle for me to overcome next Sunday especially depending on how many rounds I may have. I need to make sure I stay focused on the task and not how exhausting it all is. Easy to say, extremely hard to execute!
This weekend I will continue conditioning, however the rest of the week I will just do my normal weekly classes. Proper rest and eating will be important as well. I have myself at my ideal weight to be on the higher end of my class but not worried about cutting it too close. While I can’t say I’m feeling much more confident, last night was a great way to end the intense training!

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