Recovery Time

One of the hardest obstacles I have dealt with throughout the journey of living with MS is how often I get sick. I use to get sick maybe once or twice a year, usually just during seasonal changes. However since going on an immunosuppressant I have been sick 4 times in 6 months.  It seems to have leveled out, especially as I managed to dodge flu season! However when I get sick it still hits me harder and takes me longer to fight it.

I have been feeling down all week because on top of being sick, my work week was very long and busy so I was off my entire training routine.  Listening to my body and slowing down is a very different life for me but a necessary one! It is so important that I get as much exposure and practice to fighting to be successful in June, however if I don’t rest I could wind up causing more damage to myself.  By the end of the week I kept saying I haven’t worked out at all this week. But truth is I still trained for 3 hours and did some squats and core stuff sporadically throughout the week, which is considered to be a healthy amount of exercise in a given week!

This week marks the final week of the 90 day challenge. Time to step it up a notch, finish the last week strong, and carry it right into the rest of tournament training.  

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