Navigating a Busy Schedule

My max number of hours training so far as been 10 hours in a week, I truly am striving for the full 6 days of training (12 hours) with additional cardio and strength training on the side. This is where I have to remember to listen to my body. My number one commitment to myself for this challenge was that I could not let my sleep suffer. Previously I could live with 5 hours of sleep a night for a couple of weeks and just make it up on a day off, this is no longer a life I can allow myself to live. 

My typical day involves me waking up at 7 am to get ready for work, I leave my place just before 8 am, work until 630 pm or 730 pm. Sometimes I get an hour break occasionally I get no break. After that I train until 915 or 1030. Which gets me home between 10 and 11 pm, depending on how much time I spend socializing with my friends! When I get home I still have to eat, shower, and prepare for the next day.  Pack my gear, pack my food since I typically bring 5 of my 6 daily meals to work with me.  And try to get myself to bed by 12.  

My days off consist of laundry, dishes, and meal prep!  And occasionally a social life and cleaning my apartment is in there too.

This type of scheduling makes it very challenging to fit in the extra workouts needed to build up my stamina and strength. Right now I have been trying to focus on little things that can make a big impact.  But also doing things like Epsom salt soaks and baths to relax and help my body recover.

So far in the four weeks since starting tournament training I’ve had to take two couple day breaks due to the side effects my body was feeling or being sick. It’s frustrating to take the time off especially since I’m use to not slowing down in life regardless of what is going on.  This is going to be one of my most valuable lessons throughout this challenge; working on proper balancing of my life schedule as well as knowing when I have to stop for a minute and take care of me!

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