Hello World!

Hi! My name is Megan, I am a 32-year-old female from New Jersey. I have always had a passion for health striving to be a doctor from a very early age. As a young adult, I chose to pursue a career in the eye care industry as an optical manager. As a teenager, I was extremely thin, with a diet consisting of whole medium pizzas and no exercise.
As I got older this lifestyle no longer kept me lean. With a high obesity rate in my family as well as diabetes I knew I had to make a change.
In May 2014 I began my journey to a healthier lifestyle when I stumbled across a free trial kickboxing class at Tiger Schulmann’s. Finally somewhere that had classes working with my long retail hours.
Shortly after I started cleaning up my diet with an introduction to the Advocare 24 day challenge. This was the first time in my life I paid attention to portion sizes. I also joined the local gym and got a personal trainer and started learning how to truly work out.
This sparked a passion in me that I never realized was there.
By May of 2016, I got myself in my top physical condition with the help of my first TSMMA 90 day challenge. At this point, I have become very comfortable with clean eating and mastered the art of meal prepping for the week.
In June of 2016 while feeling the healthiest I have in my life I received the shock of my life when I experienced what would be my first documented Multiple Sclerosis flare up. Later leading to diagnosis in late August. It slowed my progress for a few months as I had to recover from the flare up and start treatment.
Today I am challenging myself to new physical levels despite my disease. I am currently training to compete in my first kickboxing tournament and working on obtaining my personal trainer certification.
This will be a documentation of my navigation through training at a level needed to compete and overcoming the challenges my body will face during the experience.
I look forward to sharing my journey with you all. Hopefully, I can inspire strength and motivation for others working through their own hardships.
Thank you for following my journey!

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  1. Hi Megan! I was told at an early age I had the onset of MS. I look forward to reading your posts and finding out more about you and getting inspiration from you! I am struggling right now!

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