90 Day Challenge Wins

Yesterday marked the end of my second TSMMA 90 day challenge.  This year I entered the challenge with a totally different mindset and mission to accomplish, which resulted in a different set of results and wins.  Last time I wanted to see just how “ripped” I could get and see if I could get abs.  This time while I wanted to get my abs back my number one goal was to regain strength and feel like myself again.  

I was successful in completing both of those goals as well as greatly minimizing tingling, to the point where it is almost non-existent in any workout routine. Which that was the biggest victory of all and number one motivation to continue this lifestyle of strict clean eating.  

However with a new set of goals came a new set of challenges, which was dealing with the loss of fat.  I know crazy to complain about getting too lean, a problem many people told me they would love to have. However the reality for me is a life of subcutaneous injections three times a week, and the lower the fat to inject in the more side effects the injections create.

I started off incredibly strong with the challenge, having myself about a month ahead of schedule from the previous year.  I was so excited and so motivated until each injection became harder and harder, and the areas that use to be the easiest were now causing me stress as well.  I started to question if working towards this lean figure that I’ve always wanted to sport in the summer was worth the stress and growing welts.  

The truth is all of it helps work towards keeping me healthy so I continued and will continue.  It will take trial and error to master it and get them all to work together in the long run I just have to stay patient and persistent.  As I continue to train to compete in June these lifestyle choices are extremely important to keep and will help me master the balance for long haul.  

All the hiccups and doubts had me feeling like I really didn’t make any progress.  However the end result pictures had me feeling pretty great! Didn’t tweak all the areas that were on my wish list, but I had to remember what drove me to start it and celebrate the wins! I knew this challenge would be more difficult than the last, which gives me an even greater reason to celebrate!  The pictures followed a Sunday training session that had me feeling more confident than I have in a while as well, feeling progression with every sparring session.  Stay focused on where you started, where you have traveled, and keep working.  As my mom always tells me, life is a journey not a destination. 

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